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يتوفر التوصيل مجاني عند الشراء بأكثر من 50 دينار - Free delivery is available on purchases over 50 KD

Who We are

Serpil Kuwait offers quality fabrics and a wide range of fashion collections for women. We bring in latest global fashion trends with local flavours. We always weave seasonal trends with top-level craftsmanship to create affordable fashion for fashion lovers.

We encourage and endorse women who want to lead the fashion trends and bring the best out of fashion with their choices. We offer them those choices by matching their fashion perception. Brand Serpil tries to evolve with newer thoughts while integrating a wide range of elite fashion products.

What We Do

Our Values

We value creativity, passion for fashion, high-quality and offering affordability to the shoppers

Our Goals

To endorse fashion and create trends in women's fashion.

Let’s create the trend | Let’s be the Fashionista | Let’s shop more from Serpil .

Get In Touch

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